Serviced apartments are fully furnished flats which are available for rent on both long term and short term basis with numerous facilities like professional room Serviced, fully equipped gym, laundry Services, etc. The Serviced apartment is a booming sector and is grabbing the attention of people as they are serving as a reliable alternative to the hotels. Like all other players in the market, ZiffyHomes has also introduced all managed Serviced apartments but there is a difference between us and the rest of the world. While creating those hubs, we kept a few things in mind to make your life more lively.  Here below are a few benefits of opting a Serviced apartment

CCTV Security Facility in Neighborhoods

Privacy and Safety: All our hubs are managed by on-site experience managers who assure that the guests have supreme safety and security in the premises. They all are well-equipped with CCTV cameras and guarded entry areas to observe all activities all over the property.

Iron and pressing table

Professional Housekeeping Services: The most significant advantage of staying in a Serviced apartment is the regular housekeeping assistance provided by the authority. No matter how long your stay, the housekeeping will keep the complete house neat and clean. A good worry-free living with top quality housekeeping will help you in bypassing anarchy and retaining the house tidy. 

Professional housekeeping tools and services

Easy to move-in: Unlike a normal apartment, there is no squabble while moving into a hub. All you need to do is book a room of your choice, pay the minimal advance rent, complete your KYC and you are done with that. These apartments have all the basic facilities like a modular kitchen, luxurious furnishings for the rooms, television, etc. Since these hubs are very good for short stays, it will help you save time and money by not needlessly spending on items you will never need again.

Meal preparation and service

Never Skip The Meal: Most of the hubs provide in-room dining options for the guests, So, after one tiring day you don’t have to worry about your dinner or the morning breakfast, it will be delivered to your room. 

Counting money

Cost-Effective: The popular misconception about Serviced apartments is it being not affordable but it’s the other way around. Unlike hotel rooms where a room is charged per person, in Serviced apartments the rates are imposed for an entire flat. Considering the amenities given, Serviced apartments are the more efficient choice. With hotel rooms, it’s hard to stay for more prolonged periods but you have the option for sojourning in for longer duration at lower rates in Serviced apartments. 

Concierge assistant in a Hotel

Concierge: Almost all Serviced apartments give concierge assistance to help guests be it social or travel arrangements. The main advantage of having a concierge is to provide all necessary and trivial details about the area. They act like a helping hand who will always be there for you. 

Be it either business or pleasure, long or short stay, Serviced apartments can be that problem solver as they can provide a good comfortable stay at an economical cost.


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