Let’s be practical — in recent days cooking and eating have become the most entertaining activity for most of us while being quarantined. But those who all are observing Ramadan probably won’t have that opportunity to spend too much of the day around cooking food. So we, ZiffyHomes came with some out of the box ideas to keep your mind off of your stomach while you’re stuck at home because of this nationwide lockdown due to coronavirus

Get your body moving

If your daily schedule is occupied with work, then it’s high time to manage things up properly and to take some time out from that schedule to stretch your body. It’ll help you to fight with your anxiety, flexibility, and muscle tightness, especially if you’ve been sitting for long periods of time. Take a walk in the balcony or go for a low pace jogging in the backyard or try some low-intensity cardio at home, either after eating suhoor or before you break your fast because working out while you are on fast will be hard on your body.

Make sure not to opt for an extensive workout yourself; you know your body’s limits and don’t try to exceed that. 

Grow some seedlings

Use your own veggies for your suhoor and iftar meals. You can always start doing herb gardening in your balcony or in the backyard. Order all the gardening needs online from online portals or from a local plant nursery, grocery store, or gardening center. Please don’t leave your home as we have been ordered to stay home to break the chain transmission. 

On the other hand, you can also regrow food from the kitchen trash. Lettuce, celery, and scallions can be replanted in a cup or jar of water with leftover roots and rhizomes. Carrot, beet, and onion tops can be placed in a tray of water before being moved into the soil.

Spend time with friends and family

Don’t think that we are forced quarantined because of this pandemic, just think Allah has gifted us some precious time to spend with friends and family. Bring those board games, cards, and puzzles out from that dusty corner to keep yourself occupied. And if you’re staying alone, opt for virtual! Play a multiplayer video game, engage yourself in a communal puzzle online, and redownload Words With Friends. In this manner, time will pass quickly, and definitely you will not feel alone. 

Pick up a new skill 

This is an exceptional time to stretch your creativity. You’ll also have something wonderful to exhibit when you’re done. This can also help you develop a new skill, which can be excellent to do when you’re feeling dull.

Host virtual get-togethers

Ramadan in quarantine symbolizes that none of us are allowed to visit the mosque, attend community iftars, or go out with friends to Delhi 6 for suhoor. But that doesn’t stand for we need to celebrate alone.

Call your next-door-neighbor from outside the windows to check in on them! Video chat with loved ones, parents, and those who are alone. This is the most special time of year for us, so we should make it special but obviously without breaking any law. 

Reorganizing up your living space

Since childhood, We all have witnessed that the family spends time cleaning the house in preparation for Eid day every year. But this year, we can start doing it early as we’re stuck at home anyway.

Opt for some deep, spring cleaning in by clearing your closets, those trash drawers, and moving your winter garments aside. Try shifting some furniture around, open some windows, and maybe go for that DIY painting that you’ve been skipping for long.

Take a power nap

There’s nothing wrong with the tried and tested method of taking a midday siesta. And if you’re working from home, go for a 15-minute power nap in between your con calls — no one will ever find it out.

Break your fast online

Organize a virtual iftar with your family and friends. Sit down and break your fast with them while being on a voice or video call using your phone, tablet, or computer. 

You can also make it funnier and interactive with a virtual cooking session. While preparing your suhoor and iftar meals, video chat with someone and exchange lip-smacking recipes — we all love a good iftar potluck, so share your food with the people who mean the most to you.


Ramadan looks really different this year. Many of us are cooped up at home, working in fundamental businesses, or fighting at the front lines. Many of us know someone who’s contracted COVID-19. Many of us are grieving over lives lost.

No matter the circumstance, Ramadan allows each and every one of us a time of reflection on ourselves, our relationship with God, and our connections to one another. Pray, meditate, write down in a personalized journal — do what you can to reflect during this month of blessing. “Verily, with every hardship comes ease.” (Quran 94:5)

Ramadan Mubarak to all of you!


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