Gurugram has all the elements to be a city with more liveliness. Being multicultural in terms of people, food, pubs, malls, and entertainment arenas, it is indeed “The Party Capital Of North”. However, all this energy does sometimes lead to an indulgent and rich lifestyle, which can affect the cost of living in Gurugram very high.

As a bachelor, Gurugram is a haven of excitement with enough opportunities for spending like there’s no tomorrow. The cost of living in Gurugram for bachelors can moderate if they prefer to not let the greed get the better of them!

Here is a simple idea of how to succeed if you are new to Gurugram aka Gurgaon. Who knows, you may also discover yourself with additional cash at your pocket at the end of the month!

Living Expenses in Gurgaon

Cost of Putting: It is possible to live in a small, homey studio apartment and spend no more than Rs. 7000 – Rs. 9000 on accommodation even though rent in Gurugram is expensive. There are several flats renting options in Gurugram which are affordable enough to set up a convenient living room. Renting expenses are bound to increase if you are looking for a lavish lifestyle.  

As long as you are a bachelor you could also look for a companion to break costs between you both. It is sensible to rent in Gurugram without brokerage and ask around if you want to share accommodation.

Eating out

Dining out: Food cost in Gurugram is lesser if you prefer to gratify those cravings with roadside stalls, local restaurants and fast-food joints located at every nook and corner of the city. But, monthly food expense in Gurugram can be hefty if you choose the expensive fine-dines or bars and breweries. 

Try to restrict your spend on dining up to Rs. 2000 a month. Just prepare your meals! A pro tip for all of you, choose eating out in places like Chandini Chowk or Old Delhi which will be easy on your pocket.

House keeping service

Housekeeping: Cleaning your home after a hectic day at work may not be a good idea. But isn’t it always nice to come back to a well-managed house without worrying about the jumble you made over the weekend! Get a maid to sort your cleaning needs.  

You can invest that time on yourself focusing on your hobbies or catch up with friends for a coffee. Set aside about Rs. 1000 for household services.

Wifi router

Things can’t compromise: You are obviously not going to stay in your room except Saturdays and Sundays. So, buy in energy-saving appliances to cut down on your electricity bills. Switch off lights when going out and be careful when you use water. Also, opt for economical plans with data for your mobile connection. Save up by decreasing your utility bills to only Rs. 4000- Rs. 6000.

Clean and comfortable movie theater

Travel and Entertainment: It is indisputable that the cost of traveling to Gurugram is a little high. However, it is easier to board a metro rather than autos or cabs, whether you are going out for work or a casual outing. Buy yourself a monthly pass to save costs. If you are not keen on being squeezed into a crowded public bus, try a carpool or even the share taxis which are less expensive.

It is certainly easy for a bachelor to live in Gurugram with several low costs and affordable alternatives available. Check out ZiffyHomes to find a home that meets your budget! Not only can we help to find a perfect adobe for you but we will also take care of some of your daily needs. As we provide all managed service apartments with amenities like Complimentary Breakfast, Unlimited Laundry, DTH, Hifi Wifi your life will be easy with us. Moreover, we are providing fully furnished accommodations to you which means you don’t have to invest a single penny on setting up in this new city.  


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