That fragrance, that complete mesmerizing smell of brewed coffee just fixes everything right..ahh! All you coffee fans, these ones for you! Charmingly ideal places to untwine with stellar coffee, mouth-watering food, charming ambiance and your beloved group of people to chill with, we’ve got your next coffee meet-ups, covered guys!

So here, we bring you the best cafes in Gurgaon to satisfy your coffee yearnings and hunger stings and give you the idlest and subtle experiences of them all:-

1. Another Fine Day

As the name implies, this cafe is specially designed to make your day super ‘fine’ via its serene ambiance, the ideal cuppa of brewed coffee accompanying with some lip-smacking foods to go by it. You’ll be teleported to another world as this cafe is all sorts of cool, comfort and quiet, exactly the kind of place you would require to escape from the frantic race of the world. And there is something special for the bookworms as this place is filled with end number of books that you can mix well along with your beloved coffee! How perfect does that sound, book lovers?

Address: Ground Floor, MPD Tower, DLF Phase V, Golf Course Road, Sector 43, Gurugram

Approx cost for two: Rs 800

2. Di Ghent Cafe

Well, the tale behind this cafe’s title is so engrossing and defends the cafe’s purpose quite distinctly. ‘Di Ghent’ means ‘From Ghent’ and Ghent is a European city, Di Ghent cafe concentrates on bringing ‘The Genuine Taste of Europe’ in all aspects of experience – ambiance, coffee, food, baked products, and service. They assure a wholesome quality-oriented and consistently worthy coffee and food experience and what sets it apart is the fact that it gives us the opportunity to savor an authentic European experience, by being in India itself!

Address: 208, Level 2, Cross Point Mall, Opposite Galleria Market, DLF PhaseIV, Gurugram

Approx cost for two: Rs 1700

3. Cafe Wanderlust

Travel by food? It sounds strange but at the same time so exciting. Well, cafe wanderlust is here to bring both your favorites collectively in the most beguiling manner in an unconventional way. Insane na? I knowwww!

First Travel Cafe In India, Cafe Wanderlust is based on the slogan of “Let’s Go”. With endless menus from all corners of India and the world, the food taste makes sure that while you enjoy a culturally precise dish, you get moved to that particular world and experience the authenticity. SO, if you love traversing new places as much as the local food, this is your mecca.

While you get to decompress in the unique and homely seating area, read fresh travel stories from the archives of travel books and magazines, talk to the travel advisors present or use their tablets to surf to plan for your next trip, amidst all this, cafe wanderlust assists you your favorite food from your favorite places with sheer authenticity!

Address: SF 53-54, First Floor, DLF Galleria, DLF Galleria Road, Above Archies Gallery, Gurugram

Approx cost for two: Rs 850

4. The Joint Cafe

When it comes to heavenly burgers and most talked about steak in the town, you’ve gotta visit The Joint Cafe. Acknowledged for serving genuine gourmet tastes, The Joint cafe also represents a nonpareil commitment to serving the best coffee in addition to the 70+ food things from the menu.

This lovely cafe is where you should enjoy your morning cup of tea/coffee and experience the real American Breakfast, satisfying Hotdogs, lip-smacking sandwiches, and some enticing side recipes. The Joint Cafe is thus a culmination of appreciative coffee, cuisine, ambiance, and service.

Address: Shop No. 100, 1st Floor, Galleria Market Complex, DLF Phase IV, Sector 28, Gurugram

Approx cost for two: Rs 1400

5. Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights is a comfortable, energetic and lively cafe, which is ideal for hangouts particularly when you’re scanning for a happening place than that of a quiet one as it’s got a quirky ambiance ready to set your mood swinging.

Cafe Delhi Heights claims to be the one catering food crafted by hand and heart as it pleases with its unbroken Delhi essence accompanied with excellent hospitality. The must-have foods list is made of Kolhapuri curd chicken, juicy lucy burger, panzanella salad alongside other dishes. The place is recognized for arranging everything right, Cafe Delhi Heights is believed to redefine the fine dining experience.

Address: GL-119-123, 1st Floor, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Approx cost for two: Rs 2000

6. The Biker’s Cafe

Maintain the value equivalent to its name, quite accurately, this biking themed cafe is all very perfectly composed, keeping in mind the finer aspects from the cutlery and the biker-themed quotes to the delightful menu that highlights an entire summarized history of bikes, from its originality to its current status in the international market. The cafe lures with its buzzing ambiance as it’s hip and happening.

The food which is served here is multi-cuisine so there is almost everything for the food lovers. All-day breakfast, conventional sandwiches, cold and hot mezze platter and a huge diversity of tea, coffee, wine, beer, and shakes make it an ideal place to chill out.

Address: Golf Course Road, DLF Phase 5, Sector 54, Gurugram

Approx cost for two: Rs 1400

7. Cafe Amaretto

An ambiance that spells vogue, aesthetically created, with cardboard shapes and fusion arts judiciously dangled on the walls, giving a beautiful edge to the interiors. Known for pure authentic Italian food, Cafe Amaretto acquires the hearts of the people through its perfect presentation of the Italian specialties. For all the hard-core coffee lovers, the Italian specific coffee: affogato served with ice-cream is delicious and completely unmissable. 

The menu is exhausting as it has a lot to offer and one is bound to get confused so as to what to try and what not to and thereby releasing  you from this stress, we hereby shortlist the absolutely not to be missed delicacies such as antipasti platter with soft pan-fried prawn, Parma ham, delicious chicken with capers on crispy bread served with ricotta stuffed mushrooms and rocket leaves. Another thing to eat here is the fascinating and delicately grilled New Zealand lamb chops soaked in red wine served with an orange carrot varnish and potato mass.

Address: Cafe Amaretto (Anasha Art & Craft LLP), South Point Mall, LG 008, Sector -53, Golf course road, Gurgaon

Average Cost For Two: Rs 1400

8. Coffee and Chai Co.

Coffee and Chai Co. is all about comfort, simplicity and soul food. This cafe is here to delight you with a high-quality unceremonious dining experience. The decor is also urbanized with adequate seating arrangements. The menu consists of all the food platers that you can think of ordering for breakfast or high tea.

Address: UG 8 Southpoint mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurugram

Average cost for 2: Rs 1100

9. Roots – Cafe In The Park

As the name denotes, Roots – Cafe In The Park is located in the midst of a park and is known for its rustic vibe. It opens early in the day and has diverse breakfast options. This cafe is pet-friendly also and serves buffet as well. Serving great home-like delicious food and having a relaxed ambiance, this cafe in Gurgaon is a complete delight, particularly in winters.

Address: Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Leisure, Sector 29, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Average Cost For Two: INR 800 

10. Hamoni: Cafe By The Greens

A place with the view of a golf course on one hand and dense greens on the other, you’ll definitely love the tranquil beauty of nature here at Hamoni: Cafe by the Greens. The indoor accommodation area is also very excellent with giant French windows and red brick walls. This cafe in Gurgaon has an Imperial style menu and provides an amazing breakfast ḍishes.

Address: CK Farm, Carterpuri Village, Sector 23A, Near Sector 23, Gurgaon 

Cost For Two: INR 900 

11. Greenr Cafe

Greenr Cafe, as the name says, serves vegetarian food only and also has Gluten-free and vegetarian options. If you are one of those who provide a plan that Vegan food is tasteless then you must visit this place and trust us, you will keep coming back as it is both tasty and healthy. This outlet is a California plant-established kitchen and has cool decor. There are a lot of homemade and eco-friendly goods displayed all over along with a lot of books that are kept for studying. The Cafe has a very positive and cool vibe and is a great place to hang out in Gurgaon.

Address: 01, 32nd Avenue, Sector 15, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Average Cost For Two: INR 1100 (approx.)

12. Chaayos

Chaayos was established in 2012, with the intention to capitalize on India’s growing business of chai cafes. The company plans to sell affordable and customizable brews along with a variety of dishes that goes along with it. You can build your fancied tea and can choose from 12 basic elements. Chaayos has above 30 outlets in Delhi NCR only and is trying to develop more. It opens early in the morning and one can come here to enjoy a fabulous breakfast.

Address: Ground Floor, Tower B Atrium, Building 5, Near Indian Oil Petrol Pump, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon 

Cost For Two: INR 450 (approx.)

Do you think we have missed any of the restaurants that should have added to the bucket list? Please feel free to comment below, we would love to hear your story.


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