How community living can shape one’s personality?

Would you still be the same person You are today if you lived somewhere else?

Depending on where a person originates from will determine who they are. In an article I came to know about the environment, it states that people are transformed by their environments and who they gel along with. If a person jams along with someone who always says positive things and is an optimistic person than the person will also most possibly be an optimistic person. The article I read gave an example of cold coffee and hot coffee, “The pupils who had held a hot cup of coffee were most likely to describe the hypothetical individual as ‘warm and friendly’ than the students who had held a cold coffee.” Similar to the concept of living in a bad neighborhood compared to a good neighborhood. By living in a bad community, the chance of a person becoming pessimistic is more likely than a person living in a good neighborhood.

In another study I read, it stated that people who live in mountain states like Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir, Sikkim are more likely to be introverts and would preferably like to live by a hill than people who live in flat regions like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai who are extroverts and rather be by beaches. There’s no conceivable way to know for sure if an atmosphere can change you, but there are strong signs that an individual variable with the physical variable of our surroundings can affect how we feel, what we produce and how we imagine our lives. Our community can help build who we are as a person.

“When you revisit a place you used to live, these can influence you to revert back to the person you were when you stayed there.” Our homes and cities help to acknowledge who we are as a human being. By moving to a diverse community, a person’s personality might also develop. The place a person grows up will always retain an unchanged scene. By moving from Kolkata to Bangalore, I realized that my personality has changed. I was not an annoying kid anymore who will go play outside with neighbors. By moving I matured from being a kid. I also did not play outside as often when I moved to a different area mainly because there was no one else to play with besides my family. I moved from a family-apartment to a neighborhood with elders and adults.   

A physical environment also brings back memories. By visiting a place you once used to live at, memories of living in that place reappears. If I think an area that I use to be at, the more likely my attention is to lead me there. One thing that always brings back the memory of my old apartment is going to Mcdonald’s almost every day to get a water cup and chill. I will go out with my friends and we all had our own rides so we will ride to Mcdonald which was 2km away from the apartment. “Whether or not we are always conscious of it, a home is a home because it obscures the line between the self and the surroundings, and questions the line we try to sketch between who we are and where we are.” 


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