Cancellation Policy

We don't like to keep any secret from you. The token amount is not refundable at any point of time. If the Lessee cancels the booking before moving in, then the token will be forfeited entirely.

If the lessee pays the token amount but fails to pay the remaining amount within 7 days of booking, then the booking will be nullified and as stated before, the token amount will be forfeited in full.

We have a minimum lock-in period of 3 months(2 Months Stay+1 Month Notice).

Any cancellation after the move-in date shall be considered as a move-out and all policies related to move-out shall be applicable.

The security deposit will be refunded, after deduction, if any, as per Ziffyhome's policies within 30 bank working days from the day of move-out.

If the lessee decides to move out before 3 months of stay with ZiffyHomes, one month's rent as early vacating charges will be charged, assuming 1 month's notice is given.

The lessee has to serve at least 30 days of notice period without any exception, if failed to serve, then ZiffyHomes will deduct one month's rent from the security deposit.

A move-out charge of INR 999 will be deducted towards cleaning of the room, linen change etc. on opting to move out. This is a fixed charge which every tenant will bear upon his/her exit.

The Lessee has to pay for damages, on actuals, in case there’s some damage to the property or its belongings.